The Cranfield Military Solutions Safety & Suitability Technologies (SST) group has over 40 years experience supporting munitions clearances, undertaking environmental trials to prove installations and investigate dynamic structural performance of new systems and equipment in the air, on land and at sea.

Over the years SST has performed weapons clearance and environmental trials on platforms ranging from Typhoon to Apache and from Hovercraft to Wolfhound.

In recent years, SST has developed, in partnership with the MoD, unique data recorders that have been optimised for capturing vibration and temperature data in Defensive Aid Suites (DAS). These unobtrusive robust data loggers can also be used in a huge range of environments.

Working closely with the UK’s Defence Ordnance Safety Group (DOSG), the Defence General Munitions team (DGM) and other key industry stakeholders, Cranfield Military Solutions provide a proven service toward the optimum safe life for munitions.


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Apache Operational Sortie Profile Analysis

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