Cranfield Military Solutions Simulation Systems offer bespoke motion cueing technology that provides the operator or pilot with the most immersive and high fidelity ‘feel’ to the real flying experience available in the market today.

Over 20 Armed Forces around the world today utilise Cranfield Military Solutions simulation solutions for their airborne training. Our products provide realistic onset and sustained G-cues within the simulation experience. Utilising data input from the airborne flight model, our systems are highly tuneable to suit the subjective nature of ‘the flying experience’ and, through cueing that is complementary to our visual and aural systems, provide proven added value to training around the world.

Cranfield Military Solutions has a significant level of operational experience with its range of products across a broad spectrum of user communities for both fast jets and military helicopters. Our experience of working with F16, F18, Hawk, Tornado and Black Hawk helicopter operators has now allowed us to achieve an MTBF in excess of 10,000 hours.

Cranfield Military Solutions will provide all necessary training and support from the early stages prior to system integration and then throughout the product lifecycle.


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